discovery scope

Discovery Scope is an inexpensive, exceptionally durable viewing system for exploring small things. Its 1 inch focal length lens produces beautiful wide field, high resolution views of insects, worms, tiny plants and flowers as well as rocks, sand samples, and crystals. Special chambers and holders are provided for viewing both terrestrial and aquatic organisms.

Kids love exploring with discovery scope, but so do adults, It is hand-held, uses available light...the perfect tool for classrooms and field trips.

After many years of teaching, the late Jim Harvey, Sr. and his teaching partner Bruce Russell knew there had to be a better alternative to the classic microscope. They wanted to be able to look at things that you don't have to put on a slide, but instead could view in its somewhat real environment. One of the greatest attributes of the scope is being able to reintroduce the organism back to nature. You don't have to be a biologist or geologist to begin to have fun with the scope.

We encourage you to have great fun and spectacular adventures with the Discovery Scope and this great new lab book.

The Discovery Scope®

anatomy of scope using the scope

Advantages of Discovery Scope®


Discovery Scope is practically indestructable. If your Discovery Scope experiences any problems during normal use - in the home, classroom, or field - we'll replace the defective part, free.

Child Friendly

Young people of all ages love Discovery Scope. Children of about age 6 or 7 and up usually need about 2-5 minutes of instruction to master the use of Discovery Scope. It's a great educational tool for children because they can share their discoveries with other children or adults. Discovery Scope encourages children to explore and enjoy nature.

Pass It Around

You can focus on a specimen with Discovery Scope and then pass the 'Scope around so that everyone in a group can see. It's great for teaching, for sharing with the family, and for opening the minds of others about the world of the small.

Ideal For Field Use

Discovery Scope is so convenient and compact, it can be used anywhere you go. With no metal parts, Discovery Scope will never corrode. It's small enough to fit in a loose pocket or a small nylon bag. It's ideal for backpacking, park exploring, kayaking and all outdoor activities.

No Stray Light

The optical pathway is a dark tube, capped with an eye cup. This eliminates all stray light, giving you the best possible view of the subject, whether it's a tiny flower, the eyes of a spider, or the swimming legs of a water flea.

It Does The Holding

The subject is held in place in front of the lens by the unique holding system. Once the subject is in focus, it's fixed in place; until it moves or you move it. You can easily observe your subject for many minutes, or come back to it later.

Light Makes the Difference

The secret to great micro/macro viewing is great lighting. With Discovery Scope you can move the entire imaging system and the specimen into any light conditions you want. You can easily get light to bounce off the front or side of the subject, or you can shine light directly through the subject to see details right inside.